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Flap slap shad


Flap slap shad

$ 9.50

  •  Diving Flap Slap
  • Length: 3 in.   
  • Weight: 3/8 oz.   
  • Depth: 6 to 7 ft.
  • Type: Floating

 Diving Flap Slap is a 3in, 3/8 oz tall profiled, thin bodied, flat sided, flat bottomed, floating crank that is designed for deep diving action.

The lure comes equipped with a bib that is almost half its length that will send the lure down to a depth of 6 to 7 ft on a steady retrieve.

The Diving Flap Slap incorporates a fixed shaft balancer consisting of a solid, non-moving weight along the bottom of the lure. This feature gives the Diving Flap Slap its low center of gravity that enables it’s tall profile to roll excessively from ear to ear, causing light to reflect off the flanks of each side of the lure in on/off flashes.

Where the lure comes alive is on a jerk-pause retrieve method.

The Diving Flap Slap, will initially dart and twitch as it dives, and as it’s name suggest, to “flapping and slapping” as it swings and rolls from side to side, giving off shimmers in the process before righting itself and floating to the surface slowly, which, is the moment where unexpected strikes occurs.

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